Saturday, December 24, 2011

Puppy Christmas

Here's my latest video! I released it 5 days ago, and in that time it has gotten 1.5 million views, and it's been on what seems like every national television network, including CNN, NBC, and ABC! :) Here it is!

As far as the making of this video goes....

I really wanted to make a Christmas video for my youtube channel, and I was having a hard time coming up with an idea. While I jumped onto facebook, one of my friends, Xan, had posted pictures of her 4 little puppies she was trying to sell... Then I started thinking about how it seemed like a perfect fit for Christmas.

With my youtube videos, I generally try, not always, but generally try to come up with ideas that the majority of people will share, which makes them "go viral", and with puppies/animals, they are always something that people share.

So I jumped onto youtube and googled "puppies", and every video that came up had several million hits, so after I did my research/homework on the youtube puppy market, it seemed like if I threw in Christmas, it would help that much more.

As I was trying to think of how I could have them a part of Christmas, the whole idea of the story came in, with them in a Christmas present. Right after that I contacted my friend Xan, who said she would love to help me with letting me borrow her puppies.

I then would need a house that I could film in, that would feel like Christmas, so I posted on facebook that I needed a certain kind of house (I posted examples of other houses). Several people volunteered their house. I checked out several of them, but the one that fit perfect was donated by the Dyer family.

So I went to their house to scout it out that very day. I had only met the Dyer family briefly at a restaurant one day, so just by hardly knowing them, they were super helpful and willing to help in any way they could.

That night I went to Walmart and spent 75 dollars on Christmas things, like wrapping paper, stockings, and ornaments. The great thing about the house we were using though, is it was already decorated perfectly.

The next evening I got a couple of my friends to come help with the shoot. We wrapped up a bunch of fake presents, and Xan came with her puppies. We then filmed for a couple hours, and called it good. The puppies ran out of energy in the first 45 minutes, so then we had to improvise a little after that to help them have energy. They say that the 2 hardest things to work with, with movies is children and animals, and yes, that was definitely the case.

I then spent a couple days editing the puppy video. I then sent it to one of my composers, Elton Luz. He then had two days to compose the music. I gave him full creative freedom with the music, so he came up with his own original Christmas song.

We then released it the following day, and that's the story of how the "Puppy Christmas" youtube video came out :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Massive Toilet Papering Prank

Here's our latest youtube video, with a couple statistics on it :)

We used 504 rolls of toilet paper!
It took 1 hour to make the mess.
8 hours to clean up the mess :( That's with 5 of us total.
We had two cop cars come and try and stop us, one while filming, and the other while we were trying to clean up (They thought we were tp'ing the house in broad daylight... yeah....

Friday, December 2, 2011

Youtube Partner Epidemic

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really worried about the new youtube design/layout. In fact, perhaps a little terrified :( I really do believe it has the potential to wipe out several youtube partners who have made youtube there career, perhaps including mine.

Now my life isn't based on youtube at all, well... I kinda take that back a little, haha, but the truth of the matter is, just recently I decided to focus full time on youtube.... However, this may soon change..... (Dramatic music kicks in)....

Yesterday afternoon, Youtube released their new layout, which in turn, has begun the beginning of perhaps the youtuber partners death (for some, and the rise for others).

Instead of me tell you how it has effected people who have made youtuber there careers, let me show you. All the graphs I have, I got this morning off of which is a way to follow any youtube channel, hour by hour to see how fast they are rising, or in this case..... following....

Let's take a look at one of the biggest youtubers, MysteryGuitarMan. He on average gets 1,100 people subscribing to his youtube channel a day, that's an average of the last 30 days. However, as of yesterday, here is what happened at 4pm when youtube changed the way youtube runs.

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 1,100
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): -722

Never in this youtubers career has he gone in the negative, not only is he in the negatives.... but a pretty substantial drop.

Here's a graph to show what happened!

Let's take a look at another huge youtuber, ShayCarl, here is his stats!

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 1000
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): -1,357

RhettandLink who are also another huge youtuber, it once again is the same story :(

Now, I really believe Youtube wouldn't make these changes to kill all of there youtube partners, in fact, I would say it would be quite the opposite. Youtube is awesome with helping there content creators grow.. Show lets look at how some youtubers who have been effected positively.

Machinima, who is the number 3 most subscribed to youtube channel, having almost 3.8 million subscribers, here is what happened to them when youtube made the change.

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 5,500
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): 24,069

As we can see with this youtube partner, there stats are off the hook!

As I have looked into why this is, when most other youtubers are on the worst decline of all time, I have come up with this....

The new youtube layout, it acts a lot like facebook, as far as news feeds go, so people who put out a lot of content, show up a ton in peoples news feeds, and people who put out vids once a week, don't have a great chance of showing up at all.

People like Machinima, who put out 5-10 videos a day sometimes, (its all video gameplay content), push out of the news feed all the other youtubers.

This is what I have gathers just from my own observation, I don't know if it's the only reason but I really do believe it is a huge part of it.

Which is sad, for youtubers that we looked at earlier, because the content is very time intensive to make, it makes it impossible to put out videos on a super regular basis. So it almost takes away all chance of them being seen.

In my own personal case as well, it's the same story. I put several weeks into my films for youtube, several days shooting, working with music composers, editing, sound design, and everything else that goes into it. It now takes away any chance of me being able to compete with any company/top dogs that have a huge crew/team.

Here is what has happened to my youtube channel within the last 24 hours.

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 352
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): -72

And it's not just the people the subscribers that are changing, even how many hits the videos are getting.

Within the last two months, every video that I have released, because of the 130,000 subscribers that I have, I would always get at least 50,000 hits on the first day, even if the video didn't do amazing overall, I was always guaranteed 50,000 hits on the video on the first day.

The youtube video I released two days ago, it got only 10,000 hits in the first 24 hours. Youtube had already started re-ramping it's system, so it already had a huge effect on my video.

Once again though, several youtubers have been effected greatly by the changes, here's a look at a couple others.

RayWilliamJohnson, who is the most subscribed to channel on youtube, here is his stats!

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 5,998
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): 18,526

Once again notice that with every change that happens for these youtubers, regardless if they rise or fall, it all happens right around 4pm when youtube started using the "New Youtube".

And lets take a look at another huge youtuber, EpicMealTime.

Before Youtube layout (average subscribers a day): 4,608
After Youtube layout (last 24 hours): 17,373

Here's another graph looking at there subscriber growth within the last two weeks.

I also have compiled down below a list of the top youtubers, and how they have been effected. I'm still trying to figure out why some youtubers skyrocket off the hook, while others totally drop.

Negatively Effected:

Positively Effected:

I'm having a super hard time drawing parallels with why some of these youtubers channels are going off like crazy, while the others are totally falling apart, I would love to hear any of your thoughts on why this is, so I can change what I'm doing wrong, so I can get back in the game, otherwise I really don't think I'll be able to keep up with the whole youtube thing :(

But, one last final statement. I know youtube has been constantly trying to better everything, for everyone. And change is always hard regardless, and I really do believe google/youtube will figure things out with this, even if it does take time, I just hope that it is something that can happen sooner then later :)

As far as this "New Youtub" goes, it's just a matter of figuring out the new system, and for those that figure out how to run the new system first, they are the ones that will prosper, grow the fastest, I just have to figure that out :)


My youtube friend "Kalebnation" just informed me that the reason why those youtubers above are getting the boost, is because they are apearing on one of the main pages, because they are being promoted, otherwise they would be on a downfall as well :(

Here's the link to that, and a screenshot of that page.