Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Link photoshoot

So.... For anyone who really knows me.... I have spent countless... Or more hours working for free, for everyone... EVERYONE, and trying to learn all that I can from everyone that I come into contact with, regarding photography, and cinematography, I have had awesome influences such as people like Scott Jarvie, Cole Webley, Derek Pueblo, and countless other people and teachers. All of these people I have learned a ton about lighting, lenses, etc. I have taken every class that they offer wherever I go, and read every book I can on the subject. After all this... after shooting so many peoples pictures/films, I have finally been able to establish myself so that I can make money, and now even a living doing what I LOVE!!!!!!!! I am living my dreams, and its only getting better.
This summer I have had sooo many awesome opportunities, all paid, and they come so often, that I even have the choice of who I get to work with, and it only continues to get better.

This week I had the opportunity to work for They hired me out to shoot product shots of these portraits that they are starting to sell.
Also, during the same week I had the chance to DP/Edit two commercials for They were simple web commercials, but still a fun/unique learning experience. I love so much what I am doing, I love the people I get to work with. And I am blown away by what I get to experience and learn with each new project that I get to work with, and the opportunities
those open for me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventures in Moab land!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, and have nothing on your mind but to get away from it all?.. And go on an adventure? Well... that's how I am everyday :) A week ago I called my friend Jamison, at the last minute, less then a day before, and asked if he would go out to Moab with me. He was down! So we packed up my Subaru with a cooler full of 24 bottles of water, all of which we drank, hotdogs, and sandwiches, and we headed out on an adventure!

It was amazing!! I have never been to Moab! And for me this was photography heaven! I have a Subaru wagon/outback that I just got, so we put it to full use. We slept in the back, we would... or I should say I would stay up until 2am taking pictures of the stars, only to wake up around 5-6 am, and drive to the next best place to take pictures for golden hour. Jamison slept in the back, and would wake up around 9-10 by the time I was done taking pictures of the sunrise. So it was the perfect combination. Then we would go hiking out in Arches/Canyonlands. I fell in love with this place, so photogenic! And the history of it all I'm in love with!

We would park/camp in the middle of what appeared to be the Grand Canyon, we would get there so late from the day ahead, only to awake to being engulfed in a massive canyon.

We also ran into a little trouble on our adventure. My car got stuck when we took it on a gnarly road. And it stopped working almost completely, we were 20 miles out in the middle of nowhere,... then I started to panicking in my heart. There was no way anyone could help us get it out. We somehow managed to get it running good enough that we drove it into town and got it fixed. It's always an adventure!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BYU Indepedent Study Commercials

We just got done wrapping up a week of filming the three commercials that we pitched to BYU Independent Study! We came up with the entire concept, and pitched them to BYU. They loved the ideas, so they were willing to give us full support in making them a campaign. All three commercials dealt with cute, dirty little country kids, taking on the impossible, in this case it was flight.

We had an awesome crew, and in many cases it was the funnest time I have ever had on set, working with amazingly talented people, with a budget where we got the chance to turn our ideas into reality.

Jamison Dayton produced all three of them. With Jacob Schwarz directing the kite(plane) and rocket boy commercial. I directed the balloon commercial, and was the DP on all three commercials. They will be playing in between General Conference, and will be on several TV stations, including BYU Independent Study website, when they are all finished.

My mom and dad also drove down from Portland Oregon for the final commercial, the balloon one. They did all the food for the entire crew. It was awesome having them there to see the world that I'm getting into.