Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide - Vooray

Our latest YouTube video involves a human sling shot. Now I know you’re interested :)

Honestly, this was one of the most fun YouTube videos we have made thus far! I worked together with the awesome clothing company "Vooray" to make it possible. We had talked about working together for the longest time, with the problem being that I was based in Hawaii and they were based in Utah...however, last month I moved to Utah so it finally became a reality. 

We filmed this video on Saturday, August 27th and after some marathon editing, I released it 3 days later on Monday, August 30th! I was just really stoked to get it out to you guys, haha!

My friend Jace LeRoy was a huge part of the filming of this video. He and I both ran cameras; I ran my Canon 5D Mark II and he ran his Canon T2i.

For the actual slip and slide, the 8 foot tall jump itself was built by Vooray. They originally used a regular bungie to sling people out, but a week before we filmed it snapped during testing. It ended up whiplashing a couple people, so for safety’s sake, they bought a 250 dollar bungie online to make sure no one got hurt when we filmed.

The pond itself was on private property in Paradise, Utah. From the jump to the opposite end, the water was 150 feet long. Several people were launched 120 feet from the jump...not to bad, right? :) In fact, the first person that flew the 120 feet actually got knocked out once he hit the water! Fortunately, everyone ran in to help him right away. This actually happened to 3 people...but even then it still didn't stop them!

Everyone wore helmets and life jackets, trying to make sure we were as safe as possible. Just for the record though, I didn't do it; I'm not that brave (or stupid), depending on how you look at it. :)

Last October, we filmed a similar video to this, but it was about a bike jump into a lake. You can check that video out below.

Once again, this Slingshot Slip and Slide video would have never happened had it not been for Vooray putting it on! So make sure to check out their website and if you use the following promo code, it will give you 15 percent off.

Promo Code: devinsuperslide



  1. This sick! Where is the waterpark that will build this ride?

  2. I didn't see any girls go off the slingshot? Did they? Or did they opt out?

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  4. hey man...i absolutely love your vid. real jealous as a watersports junkie and video producer. great stuff...keep up the good work. love the dolly motion on nearly every shot.


  5. Way too fun! This is going in my bucket list! I love your videos!


  6. Great stuff yet again! Devin, is there any difference in the shots from your 5D and the T2i?

  7. Once again another great video. Thanks for letting me be your number one fan.

  8. Hey Devin, I love your work! You definitely have a signature style. I saw the bike jumping video long ago and when I caught the slingshot one today I could tell it was yours within seconds. What are you using for your camera movement and stabilization? And what about water shots? I can't imagine anyone putting their 5D in those conditions :D

  9. What is the song and who did it?

  10. Awesome vid, I'm now using this an example to clients of a how to do a viral right! what's the grade? it's really rich, and I'm amazed you got such sharp footage on a 5d, would love to know the lens setup.

  11. Devin,
    I love your videos and have been making a few of my own (clearly not as awesome as yours though). The problem I run into is with music. How do you get permission to use the music for your videos? I want to use good music legally --- any suggestions?

  12. @Justin, thanks so much my friend, as far as music goes... It's always super tough.. The music I get, my friends write for my videos, or its songs they made on there own, that I love. So I would suggest start making friends with all your friends that play instruments, and go from there :)

  13. @Peter Bawiec, the 5D still looks better, but the T2i does slowmotion. When cut together though, if done with the same lenses, often a normal person wouldn't ever be able to notice :)

  14. @gregk, I use an SPL Underwater housing for all the water shots, and a Glidecam for all the smooth shots, I'll always try and put all that info of what I use in the video description box as well!! :)

  15. I'd give my month vage to be part of this :D Let me know if you shot something around the Europe.. As a movie compositor I could even help with postproduction..

  16. I only got one question..What would you call this genre of films?

  17. What kind of bungee are you using? You got a link to it?

  18. Your video is absolutely ridiculous!! Everyone I show it to is so amazed. What kind of bungee did you use (shock cord?) and what diameter??

  19. what was the first rope you used?

  20. hey i was wondering what you used for the bungee. was it straight bungee cord from the tube all the way to the four wheeler or did you have some surgical tubing or rope as well?

  21. hi i am vishwas from india ,i have this idea to open a fun point where people pay and enjoy slip and slide . i know a property very similar to the video you show.so tell me to whom should i approach for the same. reply me on vishwasbme@gmail.com

  22. Hello,
    can u tell me the sizes of ramp ? how long it is ?

    Thanks :)

  23. This is awesome! We are doing this on this Saturday... what kind of bungee did you guys use?

  24. This isn't an actual camp or park or event? That needs to happen. Make it an annual event. I'd pay good money to get in on that!

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