Friday, August 5, 2011

Epic Violin Girl - Lindsey Stirling

The ideas for my youtube videos always come from the strangest of places, and in this videos case, it actually came straight from the source, YouTube :)

I saw Lindsey Stirling originally a year or so ago when my friend was showing me cool youtube videos. The video was on a hip hop violinist who was a finalist on America's Got Talent. I had never seen anything like this girl, she was amazing :) I have the original video that I saw Lindsey on right below.

I had never seen anything like Lindsey's talent, so I tried to contact her shortly after that video to see if we could make a youtube video together. The funny thing about it all, is Lindsey also just so happened to be going to the exact same college that I was attending, BYU Utah. I was in the film program, and she was studying Therapeutic Recreation.

I contacted Lindsey on facebook, and told her I would love to do a video with her... At that time though, it was right after her success with Americas Got Talent, so she was getting offers all around the world for other projects, so she was actually to busy for me at that time :) And she hadn't written any music of her own yet either which was a setback as well.

Four or five months after that, Lindsey contacted me back via facebook and told me she had put together some original songs. The only problem though was I was now living in Hawaii (Oahu), and she was in Utah... However, I had just gotten hired to film another video for another company that exact same time in Utah,... so when I flew to Utah we made the video happen together. We had crazy schedules that whole shoot as well. My main priority was the other video which I was getting paid for, so we made Lindsey's video on the side. The first time we filmed together was early sunset, and I had been filming all night and day prioir to that on the other video.. with no sleep... So yeah, I was kinda out of it, ha. The outcome of that video can be found here though.

From working with Lindsey on that project, we ended up keeping in touch super well, and we have become best of friends... and that's all because of youtube! Actually the best deal out of the whole project is that Lindsey and I are now dating, haha, and just for the record that was never the intention of making a video with Lindsey, but I'm TOTALLY glad it worked out :) It's kinda like a Hollywood story, right? :)

My initial impressions of working with Lindsey, on a professional level are these.. Lindsey is honestly one of the hardest workers that I have ever met, super fun, kind, and also with that one of the most talented people I have ever worked with as well. I had an awesome experience with her, and are goals and passions are very similar, so I think that was one of the many reasons why we clicked so well.

With my background as a "youtuber"Lindsey also got her big start from youtube as well a couple years back when one of her youtube videos went "viral". I will post that video right below. It was through that video, and several others on her youtube channel that America's Got Talent contacted her, because of her success online.

Lindsey just released an awesome new music video for one of her songs as well right below, so make sure to check that out, and her rocking youtube channel :)

So what's the moral of this story/blogpost? Perhaps it's the idea that Youtube isn't just for putting out videos, perhaps it's much deeper then that... That youtube is the new online dating website ;)

Also make sure to check out Lindsey's Facebook fan page in this link below.
Lindsey's Facebook Fan Page

And here is here awesome original music on iTunes :)
Lindsey Stirling's iTunes music

p.s. If you couldn't tell, I really like this girl, and I think she has an amazing future ahead of her with her career! You heard it from me first :)


  1. ooh awesome im so glad it worked out and that you guys are dating now. That is so exciting!

  2. wowowow great work and you sir are a lucky guy :P
    Thats just an awesome story.

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  3. Lindsey is an amazing person. We shot the video for the AZ Jr. Miss Pageant she won several years ago and we were all impressed with her personality and her talent. I know you are also talented but i don't know much about you personally, but if Lindsey is dating you, you must be a good guy :-).

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  4. Great story.
    For the future, please talk more about the story behind each video. :-)

  5. Great job on the videos and great job on the new friend. Keep the videos coming and keep updating your blog- love to see what Devin (devinsupertramp) is up to.

  6. Awesome story and videos! LOVE IT!

  7. Cool story. That's awesome you two are dating now. Psh, who needs eharmony, you've got youtube.

  8. Nice video! Lovely story. Cheers.

  9. Hey Devin, my name Dominick Franchino and I plan to attend BYU Utah once I complete my mission. I am leaving a cross country road trip in a few weeks before I have to report to the MTC. I would love to spend a day jumping off that epic tower in your most recent video. Where is it at?

    PS-- I love you videos and am also trying to make a name for myself on you-tube with my love for cinematography...

  10. Hey, we can get this video on really true 1080p hd version? Can you upload it?

  11. Me and my girlfriend met on Youtube 5 years ago now, have been dating for 2 of them. Yet there is a 3000 mile distance between us as she lives in MA and I'm in the UK :D Still I would do anything for her, travelling 3000 miles doesn't bother me in the slightest. Glad to hear there are similar stories to mine out there. Also the reason I am here, just dropping by to say well done on all the great work you've been putting up on Youtube. Really love your videos and cinematography. I would really like to get out there and get paid work in film, for now though I'm happy writing and making short films on tiny budgets haha. Keep it up dude, good luck for the future. - Lee

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  14. That's a great story! Apparently, I've been using YouTube the wrong way! I guess it's time to actually get good at cinematography. That's a great pickup line... "I'd like to make a movie of you." I can't imagine anyone turning THAT one down.

  15. Devin and Lindsey. Have you guys ever thought of make a kick ass video honoring our arm forces. Other countries honor there military, except for us. I am a U.S. Navy vet and would love to see you guys film sometime spectacular for those that have given so much without asking for nothing in return...

  16. Devin and Lindsey I have only been following the two of you for about a month.Just a few minutes ago.I found out that my brothers step daughter who has a new child with a young man named Arron Bush.They are not together as of now.But he just finished at The Los Angeles film school as a graduate.He does not know I am doing this and I have not kept in tough with him.He will need to find work of some sort and If his name ever comes across your pass I hope you can find him work related to what you do. I thought Jesus would have come by now.But lets occupy till He comes.

  17. This is absolutely cool. I'm super impressed. Because I found Lindsey, I was able to find Gavi, and he's got this super cool band. Kinda funny how the internet works like that. You meet and find people all over. Soo cool!

  18. Ha! I loved hearing this story. It was really amazing to see. The question is: whos playing who in the movie?! :P. Also Ive been trying to send Lindsey some sort of fan mail or letter. Anyone got a way to do that?!?!?!?!?! hello!!!! here number one fan is on hold!!!!!! let me know if anyone here knows how. Still love this story. Really sweet and fun to hear; almost the highlight of my day. Btw Devin Graham, huge fan of ur work aswell. Film AND violin are in my ambitions. Love your other videos, too. Lindsey and Devin if you see this, your both AWESOME :D!!!

  19. Hey, I know this is a very odd request. But I just found out about Lindsey's religion and her story of her childhood (in a non-creepy way) and I was really wondering if there was anyway I could talk with her via online or even the phone? Please get a hold of me asap. :)
    Much love,

  20. Hello Devin, epic, epic, epic. Thank You! What lens You used on this one? Keep rolling, pls and thank You, p


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  30. Devin, where was this video shot? There is a place I think I've been to in the video when I was younger but i can't remember the name or even where it is at so I can go again. Where is the wood looking bridge place? Thank you so much!

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