Friday, February 4, 2011

Youtube and my Future Goals.

Lately I've been getting a great deal of emails in regards to what's my future plans with youtube... well... Here's my response... :)

My ultimate end goal with my work is to direct/dp feature films and commercials. HOWEVER, I am stoked about viral media and want to continue to explore that world as well as direct more traditional commercials and films.

I'm using youtube as a means to break in, instead of using the conventional Hollywood system, and so far it has been great.

I'm also using youtube as a way to brand myself, to build credibility, to show I know how to connect with a massive audience, and meet the demands that go with it. I know that's not a traditional way for people to end up doing feature films/commercials, but I really believe it will work due to what has already been happening with the offers that have come through.

So yes, feature films is the end goal, but also, I always plan on sticking with youtube, I have loved the experience so far, every minute of it :)


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