Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventures in Moab land!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, and have nothing on your mind but to get away from it all?.. And go on an adventure? Well... that's how I am everyday :) A week ago I called my friend Jamison, at the last minute, less then a day before, and asked if he would go out to Moab with me. He was down! So we packed up my Subaru with a cooler full of 24 bottles of water, all of which we drank, hotdogs, and sandwiches, and we headed out on an adventure!

It was amazing!! I have never been to Moab! And for me this was photography heaven! I have a Subaru wagon/outback that I just got, so we put it to full use. We slept in the back, we would... or I should say I would stay up until 2am taking pictures of the stars, only to wake up around 5-6 am, and drive to the next best place to take pictures for golden hour. Jamison slept in the back, and would wake up around 9-10 by the time I was done taking pictures of the sunrise. So it was the perfect combination. Then we would go hiking out in Arches/Canyonlands. I fell in love with this place, so photogenic! And the history of it all I'm in love with!

We would park/camp in the middle of what appeared to be the Grand Canyon, we would get there so late from the day ahead, only to awake to being engulfed in a massive canyon.

We also ran into a little trouble on our adventure. My car got stuck when we took it on a gnarly road. And it stopped working almost completely, we were 20 miles out in the middle of nowhere,... then I started to panicking in my heart. There was no way anyone could help us get it out. We somehow managed to get it running good enough that we drove it into town and got it fixed. It's always an adventure!


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