Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mario Kart Love Song - Written by Teamsupertramp's Seth Jone

Mario Kart Love Song has been a passion project that Devin had been wanting to do for years. Shoot I think he has been wanting to do this video since before I even started working with him around 4 years ago. Mario Kart in Real Life videos have always been a popular subject on YouTube ever since Remi Gaillard did his over 8 years ago.

For us at DevinSuperTramp this project started around 2 years ago when we did a Go Kart project for the new Mad Max video game. Check it out here:

We bought and built all the Go Karts for Mad Max.  After the project was finished Devin decided that instead of selling or scrapping the Go Karts, he wanted to hold onto them and use them as his Mario Kart in Real Life Karts.  Well about a year goes by and it’s finally time to get the Karts out of storage (aka Devin’s backyard) and transform them from dumpy looking Mad Max Karts to the cleaner looking Mario Karts.

Devin put me in charge of making the transformations since myself and a good friend named Andy Sims had been the ones to make the Mad Max Karts in the first place.  After doing a little research on some of the different Mario Kart designs, I decided which karts would be the best ones to transform and then got to work. For the most part a lot of the karts only required a few cosmetic changes to get them how we wanted them to look but some of the other karts took a decent amount of time to build out.

Check out our video on how the karts were made here:

   A lot of the kart’s engines needed some work to be done and so I took a few into a local small engine shop to get worked on. We ran into a little snag as it was taking longer for the kart engines to be worked on than we were hoping, so Devin and I asked for help on Facebook. That’s when we met our new friend Levi. He responded to a post that Devin made and so I reached out to him and we found out that he had done small engine work for several years and had been involved with building props in the past as well. Levi ended up being the perfect man for the job and even ended up playing the Donkey Kong character for us as well.

The next thing that Devin really wanted for this project were some real life turtle shells as Devin knew that would be something that could set this Mario Kart in Real Life video apart from other ones that have been made by other channels. One of Levi’s friends is a wiz with fiber glass and so we contracted him out to make a few real life turtle shells that we could put on top of Traxxis remote control cars.

Check out the video of how he made them here:

Next we needed to find a location to film and we reached out to a local professional dirt bike racer named Bracken Hall to see if we could film on the track that he uses to practice on for his races. Since these karts aren’t quite powerful enough to go off his dirt bike jumps, Bracken decided it would be best if he moved some dirt around and build us out a track to use for the Go Karts. His father Sean owns the property and was generous enough to allow us to stay in his guest house while we filmed on their track for a few days. The Halls are some of the kindest and most generous people that we have come across in all my time working with Devinsupertramp.

Devin and I decided that it would be best if we stuck with most of the usual supertramp crew to do the stunt driving and acting for this video and so we ended up casting Bubba Quintana as Mario, Chris Romrell as Luigi, Christian Busath as Wario, Levi Ellis as Donkey Kong, Strat Streetman as Bowser, Lee Liston as Toad, Bri Straus as Daisy and Rachel Jones (my little sister) as Princess Peach and of course Creighton Baird as Waluigi.

When it came time to film, we were blessed with a few cold mornings but nice days in late fall of 2016. Everyone came together and worked hard to make this project happen; needless to say it was a total team effort! And the rest is history. I hope every toad finds his princess and every princess finds a loving toad! As Devin always says.. “Over and Out”