Saturday, December 6, 2014

What camera to buy!

The most common question I get asked is, "How do I film with the Glidecam? "  Today I will address the second most common question I get asked, "What camera should I buy?"

I am going to answer this question for everyone! PLEASE keep in mind that this is only MY OPINION. It isn't fact, but it is based on everything I learned from film school.  From actually filming with LOTS of cameras and doing everything I can to be educated on all the options out there.

Camera technology is ALWAYS evolving, so what is hot this year, might be outdated by next year. Most cameras in our generation have a functional duration of around 3 years.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when filming (even more important than the camera itself) is the story that you are trying to share. Content is KING! Just because you have a really expensive camera, doesn't mean you will be successful. Some of the most watched films on the internet are from people filming on $100 cameras, with no training or experience. It goes to show that the story you tell with the camera is far more important than the camera itself. Once you can learn how to tell stories that connect people, then you can use a camera to capture the story the best way that you can.

So now that we have all that out of the way, let's get started :)

Look at cameras like different tools. You use different tools for different jobs. The same thing happens with cameras. Team Supertramp doesn't use the same camera all the time.  Sometimes we will use a GoPro over the 5D because we can't tell the story any other way. When people ask what camera they should buy, it's always difficult to address that question because I don't know what story they are trying to tell, and I may suggest different cameras and lenses for different stories.  For example, an action movie will be totally different from a drama. So my recommendation is for the most all-encompassing basic setup.

Every camera/lens we have ever bought, has been purchased on You can buy everything we own there, EXCEPT for the high end cameras (Canon 1D-C, and Red cameras (those you'll need to buy off their websites)). I will discuss my recommendations for the "basic" cameras below.  You can click on the camera link and it will take you straight to the camera that I would suggest buying.  It comes directly from amazon, it is the cheapest place to buy them that I personally trust.  Clicking on these links, rather than directing your browser straight to Amazon will help support Team Supertramp.  If you follow the link Amazon will throw a few bucks our way off the sale!  You don't get charged ANYTHING extra for that, it's just a way to help us out. I just wanted to make sure I was transparent on that. :)

Price Range:

$0 Budget:
Borrow a camera from a friend, just be careful :)
I'm sure someone you know owns a smart phone. Now days, phones have amazing capabilities.  They work great as a beginner's camera to start/learn from.  I personally would suggest using the latest iPhone.
Here's a video Freddiew (a very successful Youtube filmmaker) made, using a cell phone. Here's the behind the scenes and main video:

Behind The Scenes:

Main Video:

$500 Budget:
GoPro 4

- They can film in 4K.
- Film in slow motion.

-You can't put lenses on them.
-Most don't have a screen on them to view, but you can use a smart phone to view the image.

$500 - $1000 Budget:
Canon 60D or Canon T5i
I haven't actually used the Canon 60D personally, but from what I've read, it seems like an awesome camera for this budget. When we started out, we were using the Canon T2i as our secondary camera.  It is now the Canon T5i, so it's much nicer than the one we used.

$1000 - $2000 Budget:
Canon 7D Mark II
We used the Canon 7D Mark I in our early days on Youtube.  It worked awesome!  It's great for photography as well.  However, it doesn't have a "full-frame".

Panasonic GH4
This camera is not Canon, so we haven't used it very much.  It is 4K capable, and can produce amazing images. Keep in mind however, it is not amazing in low light. My friends filmed a video with it.  Here is a reference of what it can do. This video was shot mostly in slow motion (another capability of this camera) and in 1080P.

$3000 - $4000 Budget:
Canon 5D Mark III
Love this camera! Our entire careers have been built utilizing this camera, and it's older brother, the Canon 5D Mark II. It is a full frame camera. Amazing in low light!

$30,000 - $70,000 Budget:

Red Dragon
I would definitely not suggest starting out with this one! :)  It's something to work towards. This is currently our main camera.  It has become a Hollywood standard for many of the movies you see on the big screen. The camera is much bigger, the small batteries only last 30 minutes.  It ideally takes two people to run it.  Examples of Hollywood movies that were mostly shot on this camera are:
The Hobbit
Jurassic World
Transformers 4
The Amazing Spiderman

The list goes on...

Click here to see a list of a lot of films shot on the Red.

Here's our first Assassin's Creed video we filmed with the Red. The biggest downfall, in my opinion to this camera, is it's much heavier, the batteries last half an hour, compared to DSLR cameras that will last most the day, and the camera stands out a lot more.

Here's another example as well, shot with the Dragon. This one is much more "cinematic".

Even though these movies were shot on the Red. The lenses they used were just as crucial as the camera.  The Hollywood films produced today are shot with lenses that cost around $20K-$100K per lens. We use Canon lenses which are much cheaper and may not look as clean as these super expensive lenses, but keep in mind that it's not just the camera that plays a role.

Our last main camera that we own, and use a lot is the Phantom Miro.

This camera is a very specialty camera. You would never use it to film an entire movie, etc. It can film 1540 frames per second at 1200P, which is a little higher resolution then 1080P.

This camera package runs around 70K. Which is by far the most expensive camera we own. The reason WHY we bought it was for several reasons.

1. It would allow us to get shots no one has seen before. We are all about "getting the shot no one else can get", so it fit in line with that.
2. We wanted to evolve as film makers and this camera would push us.
3. We film a ton of action sports, and this camera is perfect for that.

We actually just launched a brand new Youtube Channel called Chrono. We put up super slow motion videos shot exclusively on the Phantom Miro Monday through Friday. Here' are a couple videos from that channel, so make sure to subscribe :) We haven't launched the channel publicly yet, so you'll be one of the first subscribers :)

Here's a couple videos from the channel:

We also incorporate super slow motion shots into our main videos. Here's an example of that, with Red Dragon footage mixed with Phantom Miro footage.

Buying the Phantom Miro was a big risk on our end. I wouldn't suggest anyone doing it, haha. Unless you wanted to get in a very niche market.

I think something that I would love to communicate to everyone. We do a lot of "brand deals" on Youtube. The reason we do that is because it allows us to grow as filmmakers, as storytellers. With anything that we make, we have it go right back into our Youtube channel so that evolution can happen. So THANK YOU for supporting us. I remember going to film school, thinking how amazing it would be to film with a Red camera, now we own two reds. I started out just borrowing my friends small cameras though. So don't get discouraged about what you don't have. As you work for it, you'll be amazing at the opportunities that will come your way.

So to condense it all down. If your just starting out, and budget isn't an issue. These are the cameras I personally would suggest, in order:

1. Canon 5D Mark III
2. Panasonic GH4
3. GoPro 4


Now that I've shared my personal recommendations for cameras, I want to let you know our story.  I will share with you how we have evolved as filmmakers with our equipment and the reasons why we changed cameras.  Hopefully this will help you understand why I made the above camera suggestions.

When we began our Youtube channel in 2010 we had ZERO dollars to make movies.  The first five videos we shot were all filmed with cameras I borrowed from friends. I did not own a camera when I started my Youtube channel. So what does that mean for you? I hope the same thing :) You don't need to own a camera to succeed as a film maker.  It does help, but it is not a requirement.

Currently our our main channel has 143 videos. Below is a rough breakdown of the number of videos we shot on each camera, starting with the first cameras we used, the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon T2i.

143 Total Videos Filmed:

First 50 Videos:
Filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II (films in 1080P, no slow motion)
(3 of them we used the Canon T2i and the original GoPro1)
(6 used the Canon 7D as a 2nd camera)

37 Videos:
Canon 5D Mark III (films in 1080P and can film slow motion at 60FPS in 1080P)

30 Videos:
Canon 1D-C (films in 4K)

26 Videos:
RED Dragon camera (films in 6K)

So that's a break down on all the cameras we have used. We have always used a GoPro or a Contour as our action camera. We have used the best action camera possible (small camera). Currently right now, the GoPro 4, is our go to small action camera, as it is the only one we know of that can shoot 4K.

When I started my channel, I was filming with the Canon 5D Mark II. It was one of the first DSLR cameras that could film 1080P, and it was the cheapest camera that could produce the results that it did.  You could put lenses on it, which was a huge deal to make things look visually "cinematic". I borrowed the camera from the company I worked with. I was the one who suggested they buy it originally.

I had found out about the 5D Mark II while in film school. I was learning how to film on the Hollywood standard movie cameras. While at film school, an amazing cinematographer came out with the first video to show off the Canon 5D Mark II. When I saw the video he captured I was blown away. It was the FIRST video to be so cinematic, while on a very cheap budget. The 5D when first released could only film in 30 frames per second, or 30FPS.  When I finally got the camera, it could do 24FPS, which is what most hollywood movies film at. Here's the film by Vincent Laforet that inspired me, and showed me what the DSLR camera was capable of.  This film is what influenced me in the direction I took.

On the first couple of shoots for videos on my Youtube channel, I used the Canon 5D Mark II, and my other friend, Jace LeRoy,brought along his Canon T2i, which the image wasn't as clean as the 5D, but it could still edit together really well.

Here's an example of one of our first videos we filmed that has a mix of Canon 5D Mark II footage, Canon T2i footage, and the original GoPro being used. When you cut different cameras together, even though the quality isn't the same, it usually isn't a distraction at all.  Going back to what I mentioned earlier, the story, or content is always most important.

The biggest limitation with the Canon 5D Mark II is that it couldn't film slow motion, or 60FPS, so we would use the Canon T2i, and GoPro to do our slow motion.

Once the Canon 7D came out, it allowed us to do slow motion at 720P at 60FPS.

Here was the second video I ever uploaded to our channel. Filmed with the 5D Mark II, with all the slow motion being done at 720P, at 60FPS.

Once the Canon 5D Mark III came out a couple years later, it had several big improvements that have helped us. Here were the biggest selling points for me.
1. It could film slow motion, at 720P at 60FPS.
2. It had amazing low light abilities. I could film in 6400 ISO and still use it. The Canon 5D Mark II I could only use it best at 1600 ISO.
3. The camera could record longer than 12 minutes (which was only what the 5D Mark II could do.)

Our Assassin's Creed Parkour video, our first one, was actually one of the first cameras I used the Canon 5D Mark III on.  I actually waited for it to come out to film this, because I knew we were going to be filming with natural lighting, in very low light. I ended up filming a lot of it at ISO 6400, without any "grain" noticed.

To this day we still use the camera. We record almost every behind the scenes video with the Canon 5 5D Mark III.

As a filmmaker, we always have to evolve, and grow.  As we have had the opprotunity to work with brands/companies, we began to save some money, and that's when we bought the Canon 1D-C.

This camera was a huge step for us financially. The main reason we went with this was because it was the only DSLR camera that could film 4K. We thought about getting bigger more "Hollywood style" cameras, but decided to go with the 1D-C because it fit better with the style of how we film.  It allows us to keep a low profile and try to not grab too many people's attention. Here were the main reasons we went with this camera.

1. It filmed in 4K
2. It could film slow motion at 720P at 60FPS
3. It had amazing low light, could film around 12800 ISO, and still be able to use it
4. It's menus were almost identical to the Canon DSLR cameras that we were used to
5. Used the same lenses as Canon

Here's our first video we filmed with the Canon 1D-C, and in 4K as well, and it just happened to be another Assassin's Creed video.

Even though this isn't our primary 4K camera anymore, we still use it as a secondary 4K camera.  We use it when bigger cameras are not allowed. For example:
When we were in Jerusalem, and a lot of places in the Middle East, bigger cameras were not allowed (such as a Red camera), but we could bring in the 1D-C because it looked like just another still camera. So to this day, we factor that into what we film. If it's super "undercover", this is our best option for 4K.

The biggest downside though is the codec the camera records in. It does film 4K, but it isn't "raw". A big part of how we make a living and how we buy equipment is based on us selling "stock video footage". Companies would want to buy 4K footage, we would send them the footage from our 1D-C in 4K, and they said the image codec wasn't good enough. It was good enough sometimes, but not enough to keep on using the camera as our main 4K camera. So once that started to become a regular thing, we decided we would have to start saving our money for the Red Dragon, which could shoot 6K.

The Red Dragon is now our main camera that we film with. We film with it on almost everything we do, in 6K. We then use the Canon 1D-C, or Canon 5D Mark III to film the behind the scene videos. We use the GoPro 4 as our action camera, when we can't get the shot with the Red.

Now that we have gone over cameras, let's talk about lenses :)
Once again, this is based off of my opinion. These are the lenses that fit best for my style. Generally speaking though, here are the two lenses I ALWAYS bring everywhere I go, in order of preference.

1. Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L
2. Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L

If you have a small budget for lenses, the go to lens I recommend to EVERYONE is the Canon 50mm F/1.4, which I'll talk about more in detail below.

Canon 50mm F/1.4

I'll go into more details of some of the lenses we use and why. I will post a couple still pictures that I took with that lens to give you an idea of what the image looks like.

Also, just a little tip about Canon lenses, if the lenses are white (only telephoto lenses), or if the lens has a red ring near the front, they are a L series lens. That means they are the best "glass" that Canon makes in that series/line up of lens. So if you are looking to compete with the top dogs, having a L series lens always helps.

However, on the opposite side of that, what's most important in getting the best picture/image is not on the lens, but on the person taking the picture, their artistic ability, and how they know how to push that lens to it's maximum potential.

Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series Lens

This is by far my favorite lens. I use it 90 percent of the time. A big part of film making/photography for me is about the location you use. So for me, a wide angle lens captures that better than anything else. Any other lens smaller than 16mm distorts the image and makes it become a "Fish Eye" lens. I like things to feel "real", so that's why I generally don't shoot with anything smaller than that.

I am constantly shooting on a glidecam/steadycam.  Wide angle lenses like this lens are the only really options with a glidecam, otherwise the image will get too shaky.

Another reason is that with wide angle lenses, the wider the lens, the more that is in focus. So with a lens like this, it makes it very easy to have everything in focus.

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L series Lens

I love this lens for capturing people. You will need a tripod for sure if you are shooting video, or it will get way too shaky. Before I shot video with Canon DSLR's I used this lens for every picture I took of people. I love the shallow depth of field and its "professional" look. This lens is always my first choice for photographing people :)

Canon 2X III Extender

This isn't a lens.  All it does is double the lens focal lengths. It only works on my Canon 70-200mm.  So when I attach it to that lens, it makes it a 140-400mm lens.  This is perfect for taking pictures of wild life and surfers from a far distance. Adding an attachment to a lens makes pictures not as sharp, but I haven't noticed a difference with video.

Canon 50mm 1.4mm

This lens is awesome for low light.  Generally that is the only time I pull it out.

The Canon 50mm 1.8mm is the BEST lens out there that ANYONE can buy for the money/payoff. It's awesome for taking pictures and filming people! It was the first lens I ever bought, besides the kit lens, when I first got into photography.

Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

A macro lens allows you to get super close shots where you normally wouldn't be able to go with any other lens. In all reality though, I haven't used this lens for any of my Youtube videos.  I've only used it for a couple product shots where I had to take pictures for commercial companies where they wanted super close shots to show details in their product. It's a good option to have for showing super close detail, but generally one I very rarely use.

So that's it! Those are the lenses I use and why :)

On my wish list, I have these on it.
Canon 85mm F/1.2
Canon 15mm F/2.8

The last thing I will cover is filters, since I get asked a lot what I use. I do not use any ND filters at all.  I do however use a Circular Polarizer.

This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE on the outcome of your pictures. It brings out the blues and greens SIGNIFICANTLY! Especially the sky and water! Not all circular polarizers are created equally though... I did a TON of research on my own to find out the best brand.  After my own personal research I found the best brand was B+W.  It had the highest quality and brought out the colors the most.  It also happens to be the most expensive as well, imagine that, haha. But really it is worth it. There is no reason to go cheap on your filters if you're gonna be shooting with a nice camera and lenses. Here is a link to the one I own. I own two, one that fits my 70-200 mm lens, and one that fits my 16-35mm lens.

Circular Polarizer

Excuse my typos and grammatical errors.  Keep in mind that I am a videographer and not a writer.   :)


  1. I just bought a cheap glidecam the other week. I haven't had time in between college and work to use it, but I'm constantly working on Motion Graphics and editing of other video projects. This is all the more motivation to get out and use it!!

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    1. I totally forgot to mention it, haha. I just did a segment on this blog, and updated it, hope that helps. And will do one early next year on timelapses.

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    1. Consider it done, thanks for the suggestion, will get it done early next year.

  4. You have inspired me to get a baby version of everything you got (Glidecam, T2i, an ultrawide lens, and Rode mic) and I have never regretted it!!

  5. I have watched every video and behind the scenes video you have made. It is very inspiring and helpful to know. I have a 70D with a 17-40mm L lens and I want a 5D mark iii but knowing that I can make a good video with the stuff I have now is very inspiring. Thank you for everything and if you ever came to Washington I would love to be in a video.

  6. You didn't mention the Phantom cameras. I thought that you owned one, a Phantom Miro maybe? And used that for all your slow motion shots. Also could you do a blog or vlog or both on your time-lapses? I really like the ones you do.

  7. I would love to know your opinion on the sony A7 series of cameras for use in cinema. Ever consider something like the A7s for better low light, or is the rolling shutter to bad for the kind of situations you would put the camera through?

    1. I've never used that camera, and have done no research on it, so I can't give you an honest opinion :/

    2. I was wondering about the same camera. If you look at some Canon 5DmkIII vs Sony A7s comparisons, the A7s wins in both low light (MASSIVELY) and sharpness. It's also 2x cheaper than the 5D, can shoot 4K with an external recorder and is full frame. Definitely something to look into if you're buying a camera only for videography.
      Another line of cameras worth checking out is the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Price is comparable to the 5D, has a Canon EF mount, does 4K, raw, killer dynamic range... So the 5Dmk3 is not the king in a $3000 budget. Not anymore.

    3. Noise Play Action Camera is Great look and work

  8. I love your videos! I currently have a canon t3i and looking to buy a wide angle lens. I now have an idea of what lens to purchase. I also have a go pro hero 3plus and loving the hd quality. You really inspired me to capture every moment in life. Thanks for creating awesome content!

  9. I love this blog! Its everything I have learned from reading under your videos since you very first started. I started with the 7D, 16-35, glidecam, and borrowing the mark II. I now also own the mark III, and the 70-200 (influenced by you). My next goal is the RED Dragon, unless by the time I can afford it something better is out haha. I appreciate all the info you share and descriptions below your videos. Thanks and keep it up!

  10. That's really helpful!!! Thank you so much Devin!

    I'd like to learn how you walk so smoothly while shooting a video, I couldn't stabilize myself at all .. even when I stand still my body shakes itself! Man what's the trick :P?

    1. he uses a glidecam...hd2000 i believe

    2. oh so it's not about the way he walks?

    3. He uses an glidecam Devin Graham signature series

  11. Those are some really good tips, thank you very much.
    I was planning to buy a Nikon D3300 soon, would you happen to know of any good Nikon lenses?

  12. Just posted, but it seemed to have disappeared, so here goes again....

    I have a recurring challenging video shoot for indoor dance recitals and dance productions. Lots of light changes, but trending towards low light with sudden changes to brighter and whiter light for short periods. Any ideas of the best camera/lenses for that scenario? Any of these cameras programmable to change to specific settings at specific times? If not that, at least a good camera and lense combo for low light that won't overexpose when the light comes up bright for a short period?

    Thanks! Learning lots from your videos and now this blog, you are awesome, Devin!

  13. I appreciate your return to the blog and all of the details you provide. I too have based my equipment outlay on your recommendations, having purchased the 5Dm2, the 35-70 F2.8L, the 70-200 F2.8L and a glidecam with a vest and arm. With my slightly finer eye for detail now there are a couple of things you might want to address in your blog post:

    1. You list the Canon 16-35 F2.8L but you show a photo of the Canon 16-35 F2.8L II. There is a difference between the two lenses as the II is the updated version of the original (similar to how the 5Dm2 is an update to the original 5D). For those looking to purchase the lens, especially used, it is important to know the difference, as both are out there in the market now.

    2. Similarly, the 70-200 lens that you show in the photo has Image Stabilization on it (IS) but you didn't mention that in the post. I have found the IS to be very helpful in eliminating some of the minor shakes in video.

    3. I have purchased all of my lenses off of Craigslist. I have been very happy with the condition of all of the lenses I have purchased and it has saved some money. True, you have to watch out for the Craigslist flakes but by and large I have found that most of the people selling camera equipment are videophiles like me and aren't off to rip anyone off.

    4. In your Guatemala video I saw that the rest of the team was using a handheld gimbal. You didn't list that here. I have tried to master the glidecam over the past 2 years and so far have been unsuccessful so I think I will be selling my glidecam and vest and investing in a handheld gimbal to get the same level of smoothness that you get with the glidecam. I think this is going to be the way that most videos are going to go in the future as none of the rest of us have your awesome glidecam skills! :-)

    While I can appreciate the reason you dumped the 5D line for the RED cameras for your main videos there is no way that I would ever be able to justify 15x the price for the RED as to what I can get a 5Dm2 for. One of the things that appealed to me when you started your blog was that you were using equipment that I could afford. Now however, when I watch your videos I am impressed but I also realize that I will never be able to achieve that same level of image. It is still impressive but also kind of deflating at the same time. :-(

    Anyway, keep up the good work at Team Supertramp!

  14. How does it come that you does not use nd filters, especially for your older canon cameras. I assume that you film with an open f-stop, isn't the image going to be far to bright?

    1. I believe he just pushes the shutter speed up to make the right exposure

    2. We use low ISO, and fast shutter. If we are filming in broad daylight, we film roughly: ISO 100, F/2.8, Shutter 1000-4000. I know normal movies film at 48 shutter though.

    3. Does a high shutter speed not add a "jello effect" to your shots?. What about the rule of having a shutter speed 2x more than the frame rate? (Example: 30fps should have 1/60th shutter speed)

  15. Just wondering how you would set up a 5D MK3 (video format) and how to set the focus on the Glidecam. Furthermore, an article about post-production, output-settings and grading in Premiere Pro would be great!

    1. Will do. For focus, I just set it at the main distance from my subject, and I keep that distance.

  16. "Canon 5D Mark III (films in 1080P and can film slow motion at 60FPS in 1080P"

    Unfortunately, no it doesn't, it films 60FPS only at 720p.

    1. Thanks for correcting me, I spent all day on it, and that part slipped.

  17. Hey Devin, I've been a fan for quite a while now. I really respect and admire your work and how much your carrer has grown and how much passion you have as a filmmaker. I remember watching your Bike in the Pond video for the first time and decided to get my first T2i. I've been working hard to grow as a filmmaker ever since, coming from no education or experience from it, and having little time to do it from having a full time job as a Systems Engineer. I used to think that I liked what I do and started to built my carrer from it, and you and filmmaking changed that, damn you! just kidding!I think we are about the same age, I hope to meet you guys someday, and also hope you can check out my work on my channel Eduarfilms. It's not as amazing as your work, but I believe it has potential, ask Parker, he liked one of my videos from last year! Anyway, take care, thank you for sharing your carrer and hope to continue to see your work grow even more.

  18. Hi Devin, I really love this post, it's really interesting, but I have a question for you, how do you buy all those stuffs when you're just a student with a passion for photography? Like it's really hard to save for example 1'000 dollars for a lens, do you have any tips for a student like me who wants to make progress but don't have a lot of money?

    Thanks for this post and you are a big inspiration in my life ! :)

    1. While I was in college I had the same problem, so it can be expected :) I had a Canon Rebel (the original one), in college, which cost me around 500 dollars. He couldn't even film video. I would do as much photography as I could with it. I would do lots of engagement photography, and I was able to make a little bit of money that way. And slowly I worked my way up. From there I would borrow peoples cameras that could film, or I would borrow the schools, since I was in the film program. That's how I did it, but there are lots of other ways to get to the destination :) I've even some some do it with their iphones, and work their way up that way.

    2. Thank you for your answer! It means a lot for me :) I actually have a nikon D7000, one of my friend sold it to me like 3 years ago and as you said I do as much of photography as I can do with it but I can't wait to be in a photography school in 1 or 2 years (if I'm admitted) to borrow cameras and lenses :)) and if you have a little bit of time it would mean to world to me if you could maybe see a few of my pictures and tell me what to change or to do in order to improve, I let you my 500px link in case you have time and you Were bored :)

      Thanks, byeee !

    3. WOW! Your photography is amazing. Very beautiful! I have always been interested in film and photography. I never heard of 500px until you posted this. I just joined and made an account. I have not named any of my photos yet. Here is the link to some of my work. I am very new to 500px so let me know if I am missing anything important.

  19. Hi Devin, I am a super fan of supertramp! I was thinking about buying the Glidecam 2000 and was wondering if you would recommend it. I currently film with the canon T5i and love it. Is the Glidecam HD 2000 the best model to get! In your new video vlog you talked about a new Glidecam coming out soon. Should I wait to buy one? Also do you have any tips for using it or know were I can get it for a good price? I know you are super busy so just a short answer is fine. Thanks!

  20. Devin,

    A couple blog/vblog ideas:

    1. glidcam technique, including handling, control, and footwork would be really valuable?
    2. how you set up and think through shots (angles, lighting, movement) and how those come together to tell a specific story?
    3. support staff - what are the core members on your team, what do they do, and if you have to go minimal, what can't you do without?
    4. Would love to see you do produce a simple, but awesome video, using consumer level gear, and then then show the making of that video in more technical detail than your "behind the scenes" stuff. I think this would help people realize your eye and creativity is more important than the gear, as well as help people get a sense of the 'process' of producing a video start to finish.

    Thanks for taking the time to blog (and vblog) - it's great to see someone of your calibre taking the time to encourage and teach aspiring film makers.


    1. I second the "make the same video with low-grade and high-grade gear" idea. That would really be cool.

  21. Hey Devin,
    I just wanted you to know that your work is inspirational. I've been a YouTuber for a while, but it's only been about the content. Your work has really inspired me to learn new techniques and explore video at a much deeper level. I actually just picked up a T3i to replace my iPhone 5 as a camera. Though your name was mentioned in one of Tim Schmoyer's videos ( a long time ago, I never bothered to look into it. When I stumbled onto your 'Human Catapult' video ( I was instantly hooked. The red rock is beautiful, the products are super cool, the music is perfect, but the footage is amazing! That intro? Superb! Glad to see that all of your hard work is paying off.
    Traveling the world? Now that's truly amazing.

    -Trent (

  22. - Today I will address the second most common question I get asked, "What camera should I buy?" I am going to answer this question for ...

  23. Thank you Devin !

    Are you sure that your link about the Circular Polarizer is the good one ? because there is not a 82mm.

    Thanks :)

  24. Do you have any suggested lenses for the GH4?

  25. i have a Black Magic Camera, can you make a review of it. thanks before devin

  26. This is a great post, thank you for taking the time!!

    And I agree with previous commenters, it would be great to see:
    1. Pre-production: your process of planning shots and storyboarding in order to tell the story, and what you have planned before the start of filming.
    2. Post-production:
    - your process of editing, choices you make, etc.
    - software used, settings, tips, tricks, etc. you like to use
    - hardware you like to use - e.g. how/where do you store what must be massive amounts of film data from all your shoots, and what do you do with the source material once you have completed a project? Your choice of computer, peripherals, etc.?

    Thanks again, I look forward to seeing what you have next up your sleeve!!

  27. Hello Devin, I need your opinion about buying canon 60d+canon18-55mm lens+
    Polaroid Studio Series 58mm 0.43x HD Wide Angle Lens. My budget is $1k.
    please tell me about the best alternatives that u think i have

  28. Quick: What do you use as your drop time on your glide cam? Do you use the standard 2 - 3 seconds or do you run lower (Joe Simon for example uses a lower drop time)? Do you change it when you are planning on running more or operating in heavy wind?

  29. Thanks a lot for all your stuff! I follow you 2 years ago and I don't regret to have click at yours videos! I ever loving videos but if I learn in a film school yet, you are probably not stronger! I hope you continues! And if you goes to France, and need a assistant or to test good wines, don't hesitates to write me ! ;)

  30. I've been looking at the new mirrorless cameras.. I've heard they are actually better then DSLR.. any thoughts would help thanks team supertramp

    1. Not a Team ST member, but I've been doing a lot of research on this subject. There are two major players right now, The Panasonic GH4 ($1500) and the Sony A7s ($2500). The GH4 is a Micro Four Thirds Sensor and shoots 4k directly to the camera. The low side, is that is not very good in low light. The Sony A7s is a Full Frame sensor and can shoot 4k using and external HDMI. It's currently the low light King having and ISO up to 409600. If you are on a budget (like some of us) then you can check out the Sony A600 ($450) which I just bought. It is a Crop Sensor camera, so it's not as good in low light as the Sony A7 family, but it has better image quality than a Canon 5d MkIII in terms of color depth and dynamic range.

  31. Siento escribirte en español pero el ingles lo llevo muy mal. Darte las gracias en primer lugar por tus vídeos. Cada día que me despierto con un mensaje en gmail avisando de un nuevo vídeo me emociona. Tu trabajo es para mi toda una fuente de inspiración y me paso noches enteras viendo tus vídeos y pensando que algún día pueda conocerte y darte las gracias en persona. No sabes lo que me anima porque el mundo audiovisual me apasiona y verte a ti es como ver el reflejo de un sueño cumplido. Me compre una glidecam gracias a ti, he hecho cursos de steadicam y he salido a la calle, pero cuesta mucho coger la practica. Estoy deseando ver algún tutorial profundo sobre esto porque eres todo un maestro y es lo que mas pregunta la gente. Gracias por este extenso artículo y por ayudarnos. Gracias por compartir tu vida con nosotros, espero que siga así siempre. Un abrazo desde España, aqui tienes tu casa si pasas un día con tu cámara y steadi.

  32. Hi Devin! Thanks for everything, you are a great inspiration for me! :)
    I wanted to ask some details for the setup you use for the 16mm!
    In another post you spoke about a distance you take from the subject and that you try to keep for the rest of the shooting...But how do you set the aperture? For your lens' case, do you set it at the maximum (f/2.8)? Because i'm studying and trying to learn about the hyperfocal distance and all that stuff but its usually spoken about smaller apertures, like f/8 to "increase the DoF"...How do you manage with it? :)
    Thank you very much and keep going this way! ;)

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  36. Amazing to read! Wish i could film that good with my 5D mkii

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hi Devin,

    Panasonic GH4: All the features makes you feel like you got every thing in a single device but still confused about the size of the sensor, and the low light thing "considering that I'll be working on Outdoor and sometimes night scene."

    Canon 70D: you know like every one is just going canon and it's really a good camera and good for video.

    My Question is >>>
    I am starting a business based on outdoor and tourism Rich-media, and I know that I'll need to have a lot of things beside the camera to have a good work ... but I am really confused between Panasonic GH4 and Canon 70D,

    at the end >>>
    I am really in love with all the things you're doing ... and if you ever visit Istanbul again please let me know ...

  39. Hi Devin,

    First off, I would like to thank you for posting these blogs. Your career trajectory is an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers like myself. I am currently filming with the 5d3 and the c100, but hope to upgrade to the dragon as commercial work is now dictating a need for a better camera.

    My question. In an interview you mentioned that you edit your Red workflow on your macbook pro. From what I have been told the macbook pro does not handle the raw workflow. I was wondering, could you provide specs on which macbook you use when traveling? I am currently running a 16gb ram, dual core 13inch macbook with 500gb ssd and 1024mb graphics card, which Im sure is insufficient for the work. any suggestions on a mobile editing system?

    Thanks so much for your time, and thank you even more for your inspiration.


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