Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Epic Rope Swing!!!

Here's the latest!!! One of the funnest film shoots we have done yet!! And I have a behind the scenes video on it as well!

Behind The Scenes


  1. Dude, you steadicam like a boss! Unbelievable work. Would love to see more bts footage of you operating the glidecam so the rest of us rookies can learn.

    1. What kinda steadicam is it, and where the hell can i get one of these :D

    2. What type of UAV are you using? What camera?

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  4. Huge fan and I just found your videos. I love nature and filming and you make it look so awesome I would love to shoot my own stuff but I'm only 17 and going to college and can't afford most of the equipment that is used in these videos. I really don't know what to say but I wish I could go on a trip with you to shoot and have a blast.

  5. Please don't think that I am disparaging you, because I wish I could do what you did! I wonder though, how in the world did you get permission to do this? Were the bolts already placed? Is this on public land?
    This is amazing. Loved watching it!

  6. Hey loved the ropeswing video (and all your other videos too for that matter. Just curious what picture profile setting(s) you use on your 5d?

    Cheers man, you rule

  7. I thought you weren't allowed to climb named arches, or is that just in Arches National Park and this being Moab it is OK? Anyway not to disparage as previously stated, but again how did you get permission?

  8. I believe this arch is located on BLM land, which would make permission something that wouldn't need to be worried about. BLM land is cool like that.

  9. Awesome and amazing footage. Saw it on the ne all the way over here in Pittsburgh PA. Do you plan on making more trips out there?

  10. Hi Devin!

    Massive fan of your work dude, thanks for the awesome and inspiring work! Two quick questions:
    How do you record the audio for your videos? External mic or the built in one? And what are your favourite lenses for filming?
    Cheers matey!

  11. Devin!
    Big fan of your work, especially the work you've done with Lindsey Sterling! Question. . .how much would I have to pay you to go with a group of my friends to Moab and do this with us? Just curious if you'd even consider it.

  12. How to I do this with you? I live in Kansas :)

  13. Oh my gosh............ I have no more words................ :)

  14. Oh my god I want to do this!! Can we be friends?

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  17. have a look at the rope swing in nepal at the last resort, at 170 metres might be the largest swing in the world. But then again if the world is measured like they do the "world series" then maybe the title is correct., in any case, great video.

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