Friday, January 20, 2012

Behind the Scene Videos!!! Finally! :)

I'm going to start releasing new behind the scene videos every other week!! Sometimes they will even be weekly! :) Here is one I made last week, the next one will be coming out early next week! :)


  1. Hi Devin,
    Before I bought my 5d Mk II, I checked out your awesome blog. After reading your entry: "My Weapons of Choice: Camera Lenses" I also bought the B&W Polarizer that you had linked to Amazon - that fits my 70-200 mm lens, but, unless I'm doing something wrong, doesn't fit my 16-35mm lens - so what I'd like to know is, which size polarizer would you suggest for my 16-35mm and would you suggest any others for those 2 lenses.
    Thanks, you rock and I really appreciate your advice.

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  2. Also, I was wondering, how many weights are you using on the base of your Glidecam HD-4000 when you have your 16-35 mm lens vs. your heavier/longer 70-200 mm lens? And when you attach your camera to the Glidecam with the 70-200 mm lens are you using the mount that comes with it or mounting to the camera?

    1. Hey Devin, great stuff, great energy. What firmware are you using in your 5D?

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    4. Hey Devin,

      Can't wait for this to start! I finished reading this entire blog (off and on for 2 weeks) yesterday. What a trip! Thanks for sharing all the great background info.

      BTW, have your seen this gadget: 50-dollar-follow-focus ?

      This is the cheapest DSLR follow-focus attachment I've seen!


  3. Hey Devin, which Picture Style(s) do you use in the 5d?

  4. Hi Devin! Been a fan of your work for a while now. :)
    I was hoping that you wouldn't mind giving more detail/behind the scenes into your post work, i.e. color correction steps/tips, etc. Maybe even your general workflow in post.
    Thanks so much for sharing all of the information that you have thus far!!!

  5. Last 2 questions, I swear... are you using an external monitor affixed to your Glidecam or are you depending on the small LCD screen for focus, and do you have any recommendations on monitors. Thanks.

  6. Hi Devin I've been wondering how to get into this wonderful world of cinematography and I wanted to know what camera and software/hardware do you recommend as a starting point. Also, did you go to any school that thought you all this?

    Great work,

  7. Hello! Your work is really inspiring, and I've watched the Lord of the Rings video at least 10 times just to understand how on Eearth you make those unbelievable shots from that high in the sky. Do you have a helicopter or is there just a hill up there. It would mean the world to me if you told me the answer! :)

  8. Hey Devin
    Just wondering the editing software you use?
    Thanks for your time.

  9. I was wondering if you could tell me when you started to buy all this equipment. I've been dreaming for cameras since I was nine, and I've always been trying to find ways to make money to buy them. Can you share how you got to where you are now? I would also really like to know which camera you suggest to take HD Video, has a high fps setting, and has a high ISO, but low noise level. Thanks for your time.

    JC Vogt

  10. hey Devin!

    I was wondering if you could possibly post a tutorial on how to properly balance a glidecam hd4000 onto a canon mark II 5d w/ a 50mm lens...dude, i got my glidecam about 4 hours ago and I still cannot figure it out...and the tutorials online suck and are no help!! Please, please help me! thanks.

    J.A. (Jay)

    1. A 50mm is not really the best choice to use on a Glidecam. You need a wide angle.

  11. Hey man, your videos are crazy inspiring.
    To add to what another person said, I would also like to see some of your post production work. I know you had Jacob do a lot of the colorizing for the rope swing video, but I was wondering what the base footage looks like before all the AE stuff is done. Besides, getting the base footage just right is the most important step in the process! A video on exposure, ISO, and sun angles to get those insane lens flares while using your B+W CP would be really cool. I appreciate how concerned you are about engaging with your fans/followers. That's a huge part of successful *social* media!!


  12. I'm wondering the same thing as Kritiina: How did you do those swooping shots off the hill in the Lindsey Stirling Lord of the Rings video? They were amazing! Was it a helicopter?

  13. All that i want to know is how you export/process your video! You have such nice, clear video. I film with a Canon 60D and edit in final cut express 4. Every time i export from final cut, the clarity of the video is very poor. Thanks! Love your videos!

  14. keep up with the behind the scene
    you could some sort of a workflow on your computer
    but whatever you've done has been cool so you can keep going that way

  15. I have a more general question... From where do you get your "background" music? I'm always struggling finding good Creative Commons music. Do you ask artists or is it fine to just give credits (avoiding major labels)?

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