Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dirty Dash! Muddiest youtube vid yet!

Here's our latest youtube video I shot with my friends last week.

For the filming of this, I actually had 12 other friends/camera people help film with there DSLR/GoPro HD cameras.

We shot this all with Canon DSLR cameras, using Canon 5D Mark II's, Canon 7D's, Canon T2i's, and a couple GoPro HD cameras.

We filmed the video June 4th, and we then released it June 8th. I wanted to release the video ASAP because the race itself was fresh on everyones mind, and by doing that, it makes the video itself get much more exposure. So that was the thought process with the quick turn around. Generally speaking, a video like this takes about a month of editing.

So right after we were done filming, I had my computer process the video footage all day, changing it to a format that we could edit it in, and then we spent the next three days editing non stop.

And when I say "non stop", I mean waking up at 7am every morning, and stopping at 3am, only to do it again the next day. Where I was editing the video as well, made sure there were no distractions, so I could pump through the video edit.

Another one of my friends, Jordan, helped a great deal as well, going through a bunch of the footage, to make sure we could reach our deadline.

With 12 cameras, we had a ton of footage to search through, in very little time.

If you want to find out more info on the race itself that the video features, check the link right below.


  1. Awesome work as usual Devin. Love the energy and joy of it! :)

  2. It was great being there and hanging with all of you. The Dirty Dash was awesome, you are crazy talented.

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  3. 12 cameras...
    How many hours of footage did you both get?

  4. Glad I found your blog. I saw you there filming with your Canon. AWESOME vid skills.

  5. This must be a lesson for all video makers out there.

    Tons of footage, tons of angles, tons of work. There's no "secret sauce". :-) Love your work, man!


  6. another masterpiece! Sounds like the funnest race EVER! I am really enjoying your videos, you are and artist without a doubt!

    And the songs! Great great job! I keep buying all the songs yo use.

  7. Ok, you are amazing. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your work tonight. I look forward to following your work. Wow. Keep it up.

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