Friday, March 4, 2011

Jon Mozo Documentary Movie Title Search

For those who don't know, I have been living on the island of Oahu since October filming a documentary on a professional wave/surf photographer. He was also an amazing surfer in his own right.

The documentary has taken me to Tahiti as well, given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people, professional surfers, and given me an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of the Polynesian culture, not just experience it from the sidelines.

With all of that we are at a current stumbling block. The movie is greatly underway, and the movie trailer is done... EXECPT for the fact that the movie doesn't have a title yet, haha. So if ANYONE has any title ideas, even if they are lame, they would be greatly appreciated :)

Here's a couple central themes in the movie in case you want to help think of a name for the movie.

The movie is about Jon Mozo, who was one of the first water photographers of Hawaii. His whole life consisted of being on the water, and he was super passionate about not only the water but capturing the shot that no one else could capture. He was a thrill seeker.

For Jon he was willing to risk his life for the shot to give people a much stronger appreciation for the ocean and all that it offers.

At the same time he was greatly loved and respected by all that knew him, or heard word of him. Anyone who I have met who knew Jon has been greatly influenced by him for the better. He was a family man first, but the ocean was definitely his second love.

One of my favorite quotes from Jon is this, "waves to me are what diamonds are to most people of the world. I value and respect the waves I'm given".

Here's a link to more about Jon Mozo, and the photographs he risked his life for.

Please, please, please let me know by a comment, or facebook comment if you have any name or title ideas :)

Here's the basic info of what the movie is about.
1. The risk and rewards associated with surf photography/surfing,thrill seekers, and how we take major risk sometimes to do what we love for a greater reward.
2. About Jon Mozo's life, and how it effected people.
3. About following our own personal dreams, and the legacy we can leave behind.

Of coarse the movie is about a lot of other things, and much more in depth, but that is a simplified version :)

Here's two movie title ideas, but I know we can still come up with something better.
1. Risk and Reward
2. Eye of the hurricane

And if you give us the title that you suggest, I'll give you a dvd for free :) Respect!


  1. The Waves of Jon Mozo
    If many people know him like you said it should be called his awesome name with Waves as the big part of the movie name! Just my idea

  2. Camera in water: life of Jon Mozo

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  3. Oh man, names are difficult for me too...Good luck!

  4. hey Devin,

    it's always hard to sum up such a huge amount of stories as human life, i looked at Jon's gallery and found one photo comment which imo will be perfect for movie opening and term "Liquid Thunder/Storm" for the title.

    "You've heard the thunder, you've seen lightning, but have you witnessed Waimea Bay when she wakes? When not in hibernation Waimea Bay has one of the most awesome displays of Ocean energy in the entire world. This wave "Liquid Thunder" larger than a 2 story house is one of Mother Natures' best flexed muscles. This image I respectfully and wisely took from a safe distance."

    it's simply beautiful, so passionate and powerful, i hope this may help a little

  5. A man who'd go too far: John Mozo's extraordinary life

  6. He said it best....
    "Diamond Waves"


  7. "Jewel of the Sea"

  8. The Power of Passion

    One Man's Dream

    The Life you Lead

    Beneath It All

    There is a few ideas for ya. By the way have you ever seen "Dark Side of the Lens" ? it reminds me of this a little bit. it is absolutely beautiful

    Good luck friend.

  9. "Over The Falls"

    "Water-logged and loving it"

    "Swell's in"

    "Inside the barrel"

  10. Liquid Thunder is a good one, but it also reminds me of Tropic Thunder. I was also going to recommend "Diamond Waves." Not that excited about it though. Too bad "Thicker Than Water" is already taken. "Inside the Barrel" is catchy.

    Here's my contribution: "Beyond the Break" - What happens after the wave has broken?

  11. Hi Devin,

    I'm excited that you're doing a movie about Jon! I saw a quote that I liked:

    "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." ~Isak Dinesen. Don't know if you can do anything with that. Here are a couple other ideas:

    "Jon Mozo: A Life of Jubilation"

    "Riding the Crest"

    "My Wave"

    "Jon Mozo: A Voyage upon Life's Sea"

    "Impact Zone"

    "Pipeline Passion"

    Other words I tried to work in are exhilaration, fire, passion, crest, rush and surge. Maybe someone else has an idea?

    Good luck!

  12. "The Storm of an Eye"

    Its a flip of the phrase "eye of the storm". Jon's eye for (photography, adventure, passion, living, etc.) puts each of us in a different place (storm) where we are completely changed. Our perspective on many things is changed through his eye, his approach, his work, his life.

    Just a shot.

  13. Devin, love your work! Saw the bicycle jumping video on a mountain bike forum and through that found some of your other stuff. Loved the Kauai video. Great Glidecam work.

    I'm a writer and photographer who is beginning to delve into video (but just barely). You give me something to shoot for.

    Anyway, I have a movie title for you: "Bathed in Blue Light." Good luck.

  14. My husband and I were good friends of Jon. I(Jodi) first met Jon when he did my first modeling photo shoot. Years later (2004) we hired him to photograph our wedding at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. My husband and I used to have a clothing line called Kalikiano which means Christian in Hawaiian. We would sell our apparel at craft fairs and always brought a bunch of Jon's poster with us to sell for him. He has given us so many of his artworks that are up on our home today. I will always remember him as being soft spoken, very humble and extremely passionate about everything he did.
    He never took off his wedding ring and adored his family. He was always so giving, willing and smiling. He also loved the Lord.
    We miss him very much. We are so happy to have our wedding day pics shot by him to cherish forever.... The day of my wedding it stormed for a short while then stopped. The skies cleared up and the beach was empty. The skies were gorgeous!! I remember worrying about getting my dress wet and dirty, but Jon told me "that's temporary, but these pictures will last forever."
    I'll always remember that!
    The title I would choose for Jon's movie would be: "JON MOZO: A Humble Soul. Passionate About Life."

  15. Above comment is from Ronnie & Jodi Kaopuiki
    We love and miss you Jon.

  16. Devin, this is it, I found your title. Try:

    "Wave Writer: The Jon Mozo Story" or
    "Waverider: The Jon Mozo Story" or
    or any variation on that Wave-Rider, Wave-Writer, Wavewriter.
    I think the first one sounds and looks the best because he is trying to document the water he knows so well and it has the same meaning as the second one. Whatever you do, do not go with Diamond Waves or Liquid Thunder. They both make me want to swallow my vomit.

  17. "Closer to His World"
    or Heaven on Earth inspired by..
    Ocean and Man inspired by
    (or Man and Wave or Wave and Man)
    Painting the Waves in Pictures
    Leaving a Legacy
    Diamond in the Deep

    good luck :)

  18. "Risk & Reward: The Story of Jon Mozo" or "Risk & Reward: The Life of Jon Mozo"

  19. I wrote this on your facebook page too, wasn't sure of the right place

    If the movie is about the risks and rewards of shooting in the water, as well as being a good person and fulfilling himself and those around him... maybe "Breathless" is a good title? As in "leave you breathless"

    Also in the breath vein maybe something like "Breath Taking" would be cool. Like his shots are breath taking, but also run the risk of drowning... i don't know maybe that's kind of cheesy but thought I'd share.

    I like the titles that some others wrote, "Diamond Waves" and "Beneath It All" posted above were good.

  20. Waving MoJo: picture life in motion.

  21. We came up with the final movie title. "Beyond the Reef: The Jon Mozo Story". Thanks again everyone for all your awesome suggestions!!! Greatly appreciated!!

  22. I can't wait to see this. I went to school with the Mozo's in the Philippines, as well as my brother's and so many others on our Alumni Web Page. I'm sure they can't wait to see it too. I always knew Jon Mozo's life and work would make a great film, and I always wanted to produce something, but I never had enough experience or drive to implement anything. After seeing your work on your youtube channel, I'm sure it's going to be amazing. Sooo excited to see this. Thanks for doing it.

  23. What an inspirational story. I've been following your videos for a while now and I think they're completely breathtaking to say the least. You are the perfect person for this documentary.

    "The man and his sapphire"

  24. Devin,

    Very intrigued by your videos; if I wasn't a business owner within IT, I'd like to take up the passion of what you provide as a service.

    On topic, I'd recommend: Water Waiter

    If in need of a tagline after that (though I much prefer to keep it short and simple), I'd go with: Water Waiter: Serving Mother Ocean; Gratuity Included.

    Mozo translated to English is waiter, which beautifully describes his passion and patience for capturing the shots of the Oceans.

    If you're ever in need of IT services, web design, etc. we'd be happy to provide services free of charge.

  25. I am an American expat, documentary filmmaker living in Montreal, but lived on Maui teaching windsurfing years ago. I love your trailer footage, btw... captivating... and cannot wait to see the film.

    As for a title, I would suggest:

    "Waves of Diamonds: The Jon Mozo Story"
    "Diamonds in the Waves: The Story of Jon Mozo"

    That quote you mentioned says it ALL. it captures his humble humanity, as well as the adventurous search for his personal definition of wealth...within the waves.

    I feel you will sell your film short with titles that just focus on 'danger' or 'adventure'. I always prefer evocative titles which make us want to find an answer within... by watching the film.

    In your film, I am sure that the ultimate message is about that quote... about his passion for the unexpected beauty and joy found within his journeys within endless waves.

    I know that joy as a windsurfer myself. I remember once sailing off Kanaha Beach on Maui and a baby whale jumped up from my wave. Magical. Worth more than a mountain of diamonds...


  26. Thanks so much everyone for all the awesome movie title suggestions, they were all greatly useful, and steered us into the final one, which is "Transcend: The Jon Mozo Story". The definition of the word Transcend felt like the best fit because there is a ton of meaning and connection with who Jon was. Of coarse, even that word only does so much as well. I've learned from all of this that for many obvious reasons, coming up with a title that defines ones life is quite impossible. Haha. Here is the first movie trailer for anyone interested...

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