Sunday, May 23, 2010

Porter Rockwell Documentary- Now in bookstores :)

In March/April I was the main DP for an hour long documentary that was just released in bookstores around the country called "Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell". It was made through a production company called Issimo who I often do freelance work for. Jared Cook was the main director on the project as well. It's the first dvd I have ever been the DP for that was sold in stores.

It was an awesome experience for me, especially because of the character and time period in which the documentary was based on. I was involved with shooting a great deal of the reenactments for the video.

Here is the trailer for the video itself.

As far as the technical stuff goes, the reenactments where mostly shot on the Canon 7D, with my Nikon 70-200mm lens, 2.8/f. and a Nikon 50mm, 1.8/f. With a Canon to Nikon mount.

If you want to purchase the dvd, which, just for the record, I don't make a profit off of that, but I still think it's a great doc regardless, here is a place you can get it online.


  1. Hey Devin, I'm planning on buying a 7D in a week or two. One reason is because I've always wanted my own professional DSLR and also I've been very impressed with the HD Video I've seen from it and the 5D Mark II. What were your thoughts when working with it to shoot this project?

    The trailer looks great btw, especially the reenactment footage!

  2. Hey Brad! At first I was super skeptical about the camera, especially when your working on a film crew... And everyone expects you to be using a big camera, then you whip out something from what looks like a purse, and it can basically fit in your pocket, ha.

    But I have been way impressed with it. For sure I would recommend it, for it's price, there is nothing that can compete! As I'm sure you already know.

    My style of filming though.. generally is with a handheld look... However with the rolling shutter problem on the 7 and 5D, that is almost impossible to do.. so whenever I use the camera I have to approach it a much different way then I would as if I were shooting on the Red, to make sure it will still look decent.

    It also does great in low light, especially the 5D, so with minimal crews, it's the perfect camera. Best of luck with your purchase!

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