Friday, May 18, 2012

My Girlfriend, The Rock Star!

So for those who don't know, my girlfriend is a rock star! Haha, I have known her for exactly a year now. Within that short time frame, she has become this huge international music sensation!!! And it's all been through using youtube as a way to express herself and her music. Just within the last 90 days she has been in the top 20 most subscribed to youtube channels in the WORLD! And that has been consistently happening each day! No big deal, right? Haha.

It's been awesome to see it all grow for her!! When Lindsey performed on National TV in front of millions, for Americas Got Talent, she got "rejected", they told her she would never be able to succeed as a solo violinist..... However I think she is doing just fine with that ;) There is nothing that makes me more happy then seeing someone take on the world when they are told they can't succeed at what they love to do!!! Lindsey is the perfect example of that!!! And it's been awesome this last year seeing all her dreams start to unfold! And it's all been on a zero dollar budget!

 Two days ago was living proof of that, Lindsey got asked to be the headliner for a show in NYC at The Studio at Webster Hall. It was a totally sold out show. The line just to get in wrapped around the building, and I think it's safe to say that Lindsey signed well over 200-300 autographs that night. Even before Lindsey got on stage her fans where yelling for her like crazy, as if it were a U2 concert!!! Some of the most loyal fans I have ever seen, perhaps I could even go so far to say even bigger then Justin Biebers fans :) Haha.

And just in case you haven't seen any of Lindsey's videos,  here's a couple to check out.
And I love the fact that Youtube gives anyone the chance to get seen by the rest of the world, it gives the underdogs a chance to compete with the big dogs!

We shot this video above two months ago and it has 15 million views already.

We shot this video one month ago and it has 5.5 million views!


  1. "Enjoy the Journey" keep living the dream!

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  2. quality dude, thanks for the brilliant advice

  3. Wise words, Mr. Supertramp. I have been following your videos ever since a friend of mine
    Dillon Manwaring sent me a video of your slip n' slide for Vooray. I think you're onto something revolutionary with our generation (late 80's and 90's.) Advertising is extremely effective online, and free to a greater extent. Anyways thanks a million+ for the advice. It is extremely valuable to have an examples of 'regular' people going big, especially doing what they love.
    Speaking of collaborating, I'd be more than down to collab with you on a project. I do live in Utah, and I have dallied a bit in photography and film. If you can find a spare minute check out some of my projects:
    Thanks again!

  4. I too love producing films and videos, but also making music, so I guess I have both lindsey's and devin's dream together, so that's why I love you both, cos you are the perfect match and for me it's inspiring, I just started retaking violin lessons after many years of slumber.. and I dream of colabing with both you in a technical prodution level and with lindsey in a musical level.. it should be awsome.. but first I must go to Utah xD

  5. Love your stuff, Devin. Please set up a rss feed on this blog so I can add it to my google reader.

  6. Hey! Fantastic images and words here, really really powerful stuff, thanks so much for the share!

    You two really work off each others energy perfectly well, A True Dynamic Duo d(^_^d)

    I get more and more excited every day seeing the both of you succeed!

    I have to let you know that seeing you guys happy like this Rocks!

  7. You guys are both fantastic.

    Thanks you for being so transparent and honest about your YouTube career (and spicing it up with personal stories like this one) :-)

    Hope you have a great summer!

  8. I think Lindsey's music is so inspiring! Your videos are amazing as well :) I'm subscribed to both of you on youtube, and enjoy every video you guys post! Keep it up, and have an awesome summer!

  9. Hi Devin. Great work. I was wondering how you handle liability waivers. Is it you or the company hiring you out that handles it?

  10. You! Devin, I think I can tell you the most lucky guy living on this planet! I found Lindsey on You Tube about three months ago, and I just thought "Wow"! She is awesome! And then my next thought was "Whoever her girlfriend is, he has to be very happy with such an talented and beautiful girlfriend!"
    So really I have to say thank you both for making me happy when I see your awesome videos and hear Lindseys music!

    greetins from Germany! ;)

  11. Omg i hope you could be together for so long time <3 I'm so happy for you two! this is an amazing story x3
    and sorry, i don't talk english so good t//t
    greetings from Venezuela <3

  12. Actually according to Lindsey, both of them aren't dating anymore. They are still best friends though.

  13. I recently discovered Lindsey's music and your YouTube channel as a result, and I think she's a pretty amazing artist and your cinematography skills are pretty awesome - your talents together make a great combination. Keep up the good work, Devin!

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