Thursday, September 15, 2011

No brakes, down hill, 55 mph!

Here's our latest YouTube video! I'll be doing a blog post about it in the next of couple days, but until then, enjoy the new video. If you read the description, I go over a lot of the making of the video there so you can get you’re fill from there for now. Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. I'm curious about some camera technicalities. Filming with CMOS based cameras (5DmKII and T3i) did you have much trouble with bowing/bending "lines"? (aka rolling shutter) I couldn't detect much in viewing and I'm curious if you compensated for it in some way, maybe turning your shutter speed up, shooting in 50p, or some software in post? Or was it just not a problem at all?

  2. Hey Devin, your videos are amazing! Well, I would like to know about the new video (Trials Riding on Killer rocks)... Wich lens was used for this video?

    Denis from Brazil.

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