Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kualoa Adventure!

I'll be doing a proper blog post on the making of this video soon, in the meantime, here is my latest youtube video. Pulled an all nighter to make sure it got done ;) I made it on one of my favorite places in the world, Kualoa Oahu.


  1. gosh, this video was incredible. thanks so much for the opportunity to be in it! you are a talented man.

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  3. Wow, found one of your videos on Reddit and I must say you have an amazing talent for making breath taking video and capturing the mood and music perfectly. Well done!

  4. I always love your stuff...But this video is exceptional! Where did you go to college?

  5. your work is inspiring to me. I work at a camp and everyday i shoot using a 7D. I can hold it pretty stable and i have tripods available to me, but i want to move with the action, and let me tell you... there is a lot of action here. do you think that the Glidecam HD-2000 alone would meet my needs?

    This is one of my videos. everything was handheld.


  6. Great video! Now I regret selling the glide cam :( Fantastic colors in your video! What canon setting did you use and what color corrector in post?

  7. Not that it needs to be said, but you've got some mad skills. You really ought to publish your works on Vimeo where they can be appreciated by a more discerning audience.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. I'm wondering what is in your mind when you shoot your videos (not especially this one). Do you take time to get into the state of mind to get good footage? Do you easily switch from video to photo? Do you prefer to be alone? What kind of images are you looking for? Do you shoot essentially during sunset/sunrise? What do you do to get these powerful colors? How do you manage camera movement? What is difficult for you? In what point do you know you are weak and you focus your attention?

    I sometimes hear artists saying "people don't ask me the right question: they ask 'how' instead of asking 'why'."
    So, why do you do that? What do you want to show us?

  9. First of all, you're an amazing videographer. I guess you hear that a lot, but you really got some serious skills.

    Here's something I want to know; is there a certain technique that you use when you shoot with the Glidecam? I've had a go at it myself (Glidecam on smooth shooter, the vest with the springs) and I found it unsurprisingly difficult to keep the camera pointing in the right direction and move it about wherever the subject goes. I've seen you using just the Glidecam without a smooth shooter and the results you archieve are just incredibly smooth and almost crane-like, so could you provide me with some tips and tricks?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. nice blog and i checked out your youtube channel and nice videos you got there .... :)

  11. I use a Canon 60D and have been interested in shooting this style of video since I first came across one of your's. My question is how do you keep the focus ummm... in focus? You're operating a glidecam, moving, and keeping focus all at the same time. I'm originally from Hawaii but live in Arizona. I would love to just watch you do your thing and even help you out with whatever. Just so I could see exactly how you do it. Really Cool.

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