Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Light Project

I have embarked on something I call "The New Light Project". This is a personal endeavor in which I am very passionate. It consists of showing the everyday things around us in a new light through the use of cinematography, music and, of course, the subject that is being captured.

Stephen Anderson and Lance Montgomery are two phenomenal composers that I came in contact with while attending film school and they have agreed to join me on this adventure. However, I am interested in collaborating with anyone who is passionate about whatever it is that they pursue in life.

The New Light Project will be distributed via YouTube on a regular basis with the intent of showing viewers how I have come to see the world.

Here is the second video of the series, the first one being the one I filmed in Canada a couple weeks back.

Also, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well for all the videos :)


  1. absolutely fantastic! your filming floors me every time I watch one of your videos. we have some mutual friends out here in hawaii and it would be great to meet you. perhaps if you're still looking for people to collaborate with on the new light project, we could brainstorm and put something together. hope you're enjoying the island and staying outside as much as possible.


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